Your own photo (Painting by Numbers)
Your own photo (Painting by Numbers)
Your own photo (Painting by Numbers)

Your own photo (Painting by Numbers)

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Who wouldn't want that? Your own motif as a "Painting by Number Artwork". The photo from last vacation? Your children? Your dog? Or a great picture of you and your partner? We make it happen! Just upload your favorite photo and we will make a unique painting by number picture from it. The necessary colors are determined and mixed and the necessary amount of colors is calculated. That way nothing can go wrong. Create your own unique work of art. Also ideal as a gift.

What if my photo is not suitable?

Don't worry. Before we make your artwork, we will check if your photo is really suitable for it. If we believe that a picture is not suitable because it may be too blurry, we will contact you and let you know. You can just send us another photo or cancel your order at no cost to you.

Included in the order:

  • a high-quality canvas (40cm x 50cm), which is already printed with the numbers
  • three different high-quality nylon brushes
  • all necessary acrylic paints in sufficient quantity (do not have to be mixed)
  • a picture of how the artwork should look later
  • instructions so that nothing can go wrong via PDF (if you agree to the entry in the email list)

With the Painting by Number Set, you can become a real artist too. The number on a field tells you what color to paint the field with. Each paint pot is printed with the appropriate number so that nothing can go wrong. The color covers so well that you can't see the numbers on the canvas afterwards. Besides that, the color does not run - the result is a pin-sharp work of art.
Become an artist!

    How about a new hobby?

    Artistic activity is not only fun, it is also incredibly good for the mind, keeps you young and relaxed. In our stressful world, relaxation is becoming more and more important. Make your world colorful!


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